Laurent Baron

Founder of Singular Matters

Our Cheesemaker | started in 2021

Originally from Anjou, a region in the Loire Valley of western France, Laurent grew up in a family with long heritage of farmers and wine makers. Instead of taking over his grandfather's farm, Laurent became a biotechnologist and pursued a professional career in France, UK, Canada and China. 

Laurent moved to Singapore in 2020, during the period where COVID-19 was raging worldwide. The pandemic led Laurent to reflect deeply on how he want to live in this new environment. As a food enthusiast, Laurent believes that food brings people together. He knew he wanted to follow a more meaningful path closer to natural elements and be able to make a direct impact locally.


One day when Laurent made cheese at home and shared with his Singaporean friends, Laurent was surprised by the interest and extremely positive feedback he received. Laurent believes that cheesemaking is a great bridge that connects his scientific expertise and heritage, and voila, Singular Matters was born in 2021!


Our Concept | creative taste made in Singapore

At Singular Matters, we want cheese to be enjoyed by everyone in Singapore. All our flavours are inspired by local's favourite and we aspire to be as creative and surprising as we can be in every new creation. The taste of cheese is unique to every individual and sometimes it takes trial and error to find the cheese you like. We hope you would find your love of cheese here. And if you are new to cheese, fret not, all our cheese can be enjoyed in very simple ways that is both tasty and healthy. 


Our Creation | handcrafted with passion

The cheese making process is both an art and science. Leveraging on Laurent's biotech expertise, we derived the optimal temperature and maturation period to create tasty and edible cheese. All our cheese are produced in commercial kitchen and adhere to Singapore food preparation standards. We source for our ingredients locally as much as possible, and we use only fresh ingredients, no preservatives. When our cheese reaches your hand, take the moment to savour the flavour. You will taste not only the ingredients listed on the label, but also the product of time, patience and passion.