Laurent Baron

Cheese Maker

Founder of Singular Matters, Laurent has always been a food enthusiast believing that food is an important element that brings people together.

Laurent originally pursued a successful carrer as Biologist and Biotechnologist in France, UK, Canada and China. 

Laurent is originally from Anjou, a region in the Loire Valley in the west part of France. He comes from a long heritage of farmers and wine makers. He spent a big part of his childhood on his grand parent's farms or at his parent's 15th century Windmill. Originally destined to take over his grand father's farm, Laurent opted for a carrer in Biotechnology.

Upon moving to Singapore in 2020 with the COVID pandemic raging worlwide, Laurent considered to follow a more meaningful path closer to natural elements and where he could have a direct impact locally. Cheese lover and home cheesemaker for some time Laurent was surprised by the interest and extremely positive feedback he received when sharing his cheese creations to Singaporeans. Laurent believes that Cheesemaking is a great bridge between his scientific background and his heritage. Having the chance to share his creations here in Singapore is incredibly motivating.