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Le Névé

Our most popular product. Névé is an extra fresh cheese unlike any other. Produced using pasteurized fresh cow milk, this fresh cheese is creamy and tangy, easy to match with bread and crackers. Great for snacks, apéro or as dessert. It matches well with red or white wines. You can also serve it with honey and dried fruits or with a pinch of coarse sea salt and olive oil.
In France, this type of cheese can traditionally be found only at countryside wet markets sold by local cheese producers or directly at the farm.

Névé in French means frozen snow. With its pure white color this fresh cheese makes you travel to mountain tops.

Névé is creamy and tender. It comes in different flavors of spices and herbs.

This is the perfect cheese for a snack, to share with friends at apéro or as desert with fruits,  jam or honey. 

Le Rochemenier

Our assortment is always in such hot demand that no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to keep them on our shelves for long. Contact us to make sure we have them in stock or ask us for a delicious alternative.

Cinnamon Bun