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Unique Handcrafted Cheese Made in Singapore

Logo of Singular Matters, a shop that makes cheese in Singapore
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We are moving

Stay Tuned

Dear Customers. We had to leave our current production kitchen. Unfortunately we currently don't have a solution to relocate our production while meeting all the safety and quality standards we require. We hope to find a solution in the new year and will keep you updated! We can't wait to be back to create more unique Cheese products!

What Makes Our Cheese Unique

Locally Sourced

All our cheeses are handmade in Singapore using locally sourced natural pasteurised milk.

Natural Ingredients

We make our cheese only with love and natural ingredients. No preservatives used. 

Creative Taste

Cheese making is both an art and science.

We bring together originality, quality and tradition to produce creative taste.

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Our Philosophy

why Singular Matters?

Singular stands for 'surprising' and 'original'.  

Our cheeses are one and only handcrafted in Singapore.

Making cheese in Singapore is definitely Singular! 

Singular also includes "Sing" which stands for Singapore

as it "Matters" to us to create a local impact - 

using natural ingredients to make quality cheese locally.

Fermentation process of cheese
Fresh cheese garlic and pepper flavours

Le Névé

Our Signature

Névé (pronounce "neh-veh") means frozen snow in French. The cheese's pure white colour resembles snow cap on the mountain top. Le Névé is a creamy and tender fresh cheese made from pasteurized cow milk. It comes in different flavors of spices and herbs. This is the perfect cheese for a snack, to share with friends at apéro or as dessert with fruits,  jam or honey. 

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