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Singular Matters is a company dedicated to create new and tasty products all hand-made with a French touch in Singapore.

Singular stands for surprising and original. Making Cheese in Singapore is definitely singular. Singular also includes "Sing" for Singapore as it "Matters" to us to have a local impact, make quality products locally and using local ingredients.

We currently focus on producing extra fresh and quality Cheese all hand crafted here in Singapore. We are also working on developing other products bringing together tradition, quality and originality.


Névé in French means frozen snow. With its pure white color this fresh cheese makes you travel to mountain tops.

Névé is a creamy and tender fresh cheese made from pasteurized cow milk. It comes in different flavors of spices and herbs.

This is the perfect cheese for a snack, to share with friends at apéro or as dessert with fruits,  jam or honey. 


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